Triggerpoint Fascial Roll GRID

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  • For beginners, advanced and professionals
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Highly efficient massage roller for fascial massage

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Triggerpoint Fascial Roll GRID

The massage with a fascia role offers people of all ages and fitness levels the opportunity to improve their mobility, mobility and strength. With a regular application you can effectively eliminate many everyday problems such as back and knee pain or posture problems through fascial massage.

But also in the treatment of sports injuries and in rehabilitation, training with a fascia role or a foam roller plays an increasingly important role. The result is faster regeneration and rehabilitation and a return to normal everyday life or sport.

The GRID massage roll from TriggerPoint Performance is the most versatile foam roller on the market.

It consists of a hard, enormously stable inner roller and a soft outer roller. The GRID Foamroller has different depressions which are traversed by a grid of depressions with different distances. The soft outer roll makes the fascia roll GRID unique in comparison with other rolls and is especially suitable for beginners.

Product details:

– Soft surface – pleasant but highly effective massage
– Three massage zones for individual treatment
– Length: 33 cm
– Diameter: 14 cm

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