backgym® core-stabilizer – more movement while sitting

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  • trains posture and support muscles in sitting position
  • Suitable as a training device
  • More movement when sitting

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More movement while sitting

We sit too much and move too little. The backgym core-stabilizer gives you the opportunity to change that:

More mobility in sitting promotes a constantly active and dynamic sitting position. What does this mean? That you train while sitting. The postural muscles thus balance even the smallest movements in order to maintain balance. This happens unconsciously and you can go about your work. The backgym core-stabilizer can also be included in exercises.

With the backgym core-stabilizer you train and strengthen your back and support muscles efficiently.

Advantages of the backgym core-stabilizer


  • More mobility: with the backgym core-stabilizer a large movement radius is given
  • Makes it difficult to take a wrong stance
  • The solid base allows precise control of the correct stabilisation
  • Greater proprioceptive feedback
  • Can also be used in training for strengthening and stabilization training
  • The buffer between the two wooden supports is designed like an intervertebral disc and thus forms an extension of the spinal column

Sitting securely on the core-stabilizer

  • Only use the core-stabilizer on a flat surface.
  • Do not place the core-stabilizer on the edge of the chair.
  • Check the functionality before use
    Load both seat cusps evenly

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