Massage Gun by backgym®

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Due to the extremely high demand, your massage pistol will be delivered at the beginning of October, if it is no longer in stock.

  • Small, handy and light
  • 4 massage levels & 2 massage programs
  • Releases tensions
  • Eliminates stress
  • Shortens the regeneration time
  • Prevents sore muscles
  • Relieves sore muscles and cramps
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Improves mobility

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Relaxation and regeneration with the backgym massage gun

The backgym massage gun loosens annoying hardenings, glued fasciae, relieves sore muscles and cramps and promotes blood circulation in the tissue. It supports you to become painless and to relax after hard days. With this vibration gun you can do something good for yourself every day, be it after sports or after a long day at work.

Use the vibration gun for warming up before training, for pain treatment, for a relaxing massage or to loosen up after training. Due to its handy size and extreme lightness it is perfectly suited to be taken along. Be it for work or travelling.

It fits perfectly into the backgym family, with which we focus on the health of the locomotor system and posture. For everyday life and people who sit a lot, we recommend the posture trainer backgym classic and the backgym core-stabilizer. Both support you in improving your posture pattern and building up the deep muscles. For people who do a lot of sports, the backgym sport is suitable.

Advantages of the backgym vibration & massage gun

  • Small and handy
  • extremely light aluminium housing
  • Less fatigue during treatment
  • Very quiet
  • Low vibration


  • Relaxes the musculature
  • Loosens glued fasciae
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Improves soft tissue health
  • Activates the lymphatic system

4 massage levels & 2 massage programs

  1. Muscle activation
  2. Muscle relaxation
  3. Activation of lactic acid degradation
  4. Deep massage
  • Wellness program
  • Massage program

Package contents

  • Massage gun
  • Forkhead attachment (For the muscles around the spine, tendons and ligaments)
  • Round head attachment (for more sensitive areas such as thin muscles near the bone)
  • Flat head attachment (For large muscles such as thighs, buttocks etc.)
  • Pointed head attachment (For the punctual treatment of trigger points etc.)
  • Spoon attachment (for smoothing out muscles and fasciae)
  • Charging cable
  • Operating instructions

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