backgym® posture trainer classic – for everyday life

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  • The Rolls Royce among the posture trainers
  • Re-programming your posture pattern
  • Available in 5 sizes / infinitely adjustable
  • Can be worn comfortably underneath any garment
  • IMPORTANT: Consult the size chart before purchasing: confection sizes


backgym® classic – posture trainer

How often do we find ourselves sitting crooked like a summit in front of the PC or at the dining table. A bad posture has a strong influence on our well-being. It is not for nothing that the costs caused by back pain are among the sad and often avoidable “front-runners” in our health care system.

We are all familiar with it: deepened in our work, we realize that we are sitting on our chair in a very unhealthy posture. With the backgym classic you immediately improve your posture and re-program your posture pattern during everyday life. The backgym sport is available especially for athletes and the backgym kids for children. All three backgym are a constant reminder of a better posture – without supporting it. The musculature must therefore work.

The backgym is for everyone who feels caught reading these lines. An ideal trainer to feel better today and have less discomfort tomorrow.

Size of the posture trainer – IMPORTANT: Consult the size chart before purchasing:

The backgym is available in five sizes for adults. Since the backgym can be flexibly adjusted, your own T-shirt size is usually the right choice. Please note that the backgym doesn’t have to be put on extremely and is best worn over a T-shirt.

confection sizes

How to put on the backgym correctly

See video!

Material of the backgym posture trainer

The backgym is light, breathable and prevents heat and moisture accumulation due to the perfect air circulation. It can be machine-washed at 30°.

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size backgym® classic - have you consulted the size chart before purchasing?

S – T-Shirt size, M – T-Shirt size, L – T-Shirt size, XL – T-Shirt size, XXL – T-Shirt size

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