backgym® posture trainer kids – for a healthy future

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Reasons for posture problems in children and adolescents

  • Play for hours on PC, tablet and mobile phone
  • Frequent prolonged sitting at school and doing homework
  • Heavy schoolbags/unilateral load
  • Little movement


backgym® kids posture trainer – for a healthy future

Many adults today have to contend with back problems, tensions and postural defects. An analysis of these cases reveals that a large part of today’s problems stem from childhood and adolescence.

More and more children and adolescents suffer from severe posture problems. More than 50% of all pupils between 7 and 14 years of age are affected.

Exactly at this time, when the spine is in an important phase of development, posture problems can have dramatic effects on future health. For this reason, it is important to draw attention to the correct posture of children and adolescents. It is difficult for them to assess the consequences of a wrong attitude. We adults have the opportunity here to do something good for the future of our youth with care and a sense of responsibility.


The backgym kids are available in two sizes for children:

XS corresponds to 110 – 134
S corresponds to 140 – 158

How to put on the backgym correctly

See video!

Material of the backgym posture trainer

The backgym is light, breathable and prevents heat and moisture accumulation due to the perfect air circulation. It can be machine-washed at 30°.

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Additional information

Size backgym® kids

Child size S – 140 – 158, Child size XS – 110 – 134

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