Polar Heat heat gel Roll-On (75 ml)

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  • Perfect application as with a deodorant roll-on
  • Non-inflamed muscle and joint pains
  • With Spanish pepper, camphor and aloe vera

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Polar Heat heat gel

Polar Heat is ideal for the treatment of uninflamed muscles and joint pain. It relieves muscle tension. By increasing the blood circulation, the gel protects against muscle strain. The Polar Heat Warming Gel contains new, effective ingredients such as Spanish pepper, camphor and aloe vera. Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties and gives the affected muscles moisture and elasticity. For injuries with inflammation we recommend the Polar Frost cooling gel.

Preventive treatment:
Ideal for warming up muscles, preventing muscle injuries and hardening. When local circulatory problems occur.

First aid:
For non-inflammatory muscle problems, pains such as lumbago and muscle spasms.
For non-inflammatory joint pain.
For effective muscle warming and relaxation in the neck, shoulder and back area.

Permanent treatment:
For non-inflammatory injuries and pain. For muscle disorders such as:

  • convulsions
  • nflexibility
  • lumbago
  • back pain
  • arthrosis
  • circulatory problems

Efficacy: 6-12 hours
Application: 2 times daily
Treatment time: 2-5 days

Supporting treatment:
To support the healing process in case of injury. Polar Heat Warming gel improves blood circulation and metabolism.

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