Triggerpoint massage ball MB1

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  • Optimal for loosening punctual tensions
  • For beginners, advanced and professionals
  • Suitable for all age groups

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Triggerpoint massage ball MB1

The TriggerPoint MB1 Massage Ball is your optimal tool to selectively treat tension pain and muscle fatigue.

It enables a targeted, deep and intensive massage, especially in small or difficult to reach muscle regions. The special structure of the surface imitates the palm of a therapist’s hand and thus creates perfect results. The new EVA/foam surface enables better treatment results through increased grip on all surfaces and muscles as well as better hygiene through easy washability.

Diameter: 6,5 cm

The MB1 Ball is particularly suitable for the following muscle areas:

– Lower leg: foot, calf, shinbone
– Hip: Gluteen, Psoas
– Upper body: upper back, chest, latissimus, neck, arms

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